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Simon Garner

03 July 2023


Each season we look forward to the latest clothing collections from the best brands in golf, and PING always delivers on style and quality.

We love the feeling of heading out to buy new comfy clothing, and we have plenty of new items ready and waiting for you in the pro shop. Whether it’s a striking new polo shirt, or a warming mid-layer, that ‘new clothes’ feeling you get walking to the tee in a fresh outfit puts us in a great mood ahead of our round. So, please join us as we consider the latest PING apparel and offer you our recommendations.


Striking polo shirts

Every polo shirt from PING is a treat to wear to the course, but these two from this year’s spring really stood out to us.


The Iona Printed Polo is a bright and a colourful shirt displaying intricate shapes of pink, green, and blue throughout the garment. The White Multi variation of this shirt has a fantastic navy and white floral design. This is the kind of captivating shirt where the more you look the more distinctive patterns and shapes reveal themselves.



If you’re after something a little more subtle, we’d also recommend the Martina polo. This shirt has a delightful cool lilac bas colour and has horizontal striped seams across the shoulders. If you’re after a new shirt that’s stylish and will feel good to wear from each tee to green, the Martina is the one for you.


A warm and comfy mid-layer


We all know how important it is to be prepared and take an extra layer with you in case the temperature drops. The Oria Jacket from PING stood out to us as being both incredibly comfortable and stylish.

The Oria mid-layer has a black base colour and features the same white multi floral pattern on the waist and collar as can be found on the Iona polo. This trusty garment will keep you snug and warm when the sun’s going down on those late summer evenings.


Stay protected with PING

When it comes to golf clothing, it’s important that what you wear is functional as well as attractive. Thankfully PING has your back. The latest polo shirts have relief-giving, moisture-wicking capabilities to ensure you’ll stay feeling fresh and in-form for the duration of your round. The material also carries UV protective material, so if it’s a warm sunny day, you can play rest-assured that your torso will be shielded from the harsh sun’s rays.

So, which article of clothing was your favourite? Why not treat yourself to some new golf gear to enjoy for the rest of the summer? These four items are some of our finest PING summer apparel, and we have even more available online and in the pro shop. Please follow the link below if you’d like to view our full range of PING clothing.

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