Buying Guide: Cleveland Drivers

Simon Garner

17 January 2022

What makes a driver ‘the best’? You might want the most distance, the straightest flight or the most workable shots, so it’s about finding a top-performing driver that caters to your needs. Finding them all in one place is pretty rare, but Cleveland has come up with something special for you.

The brand-new Launcher XL driver is brilliant for so many different reasons, from the extremely large head’s easy-to-hit nature to the counterbalanced design giving you more control over your drives.

If you struggle with accuracy off-the-tee, this driver has you covered. Before you’ve even hit the ball, the shape at address gives you plenty of confidence which is half the battle. Then the forgiveness and control through your swing helps tighten the dispersion of your shots and keep your ball in play.

VIDEO | Finding your perfect driver

On top of being able to trust that you’ll keep your ball in play, the Rebound Frame technology helps you send that ball further; making that next shot easier. In fact, this driver pretty much boils down to giving you more enjoyable round of golf and letting you have fun swinging the big stick.

In truth, no matter how great the performance, you’ll never get the most out of this driver without a fitting. As is the case with any driver, having an expert tweaking the specs to complement your game exactly will give you that edge. That's where come in so send us a message via the button below.

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