Could you handle it?

Simon Garner

11 July 2022

How do you think you’d feel standing on the first tee at The 150th Open? At the Home of Golf, with the R&A clubhouse looming over you and the fans expecting… Would you be able to pull off the shot, or would you be overwhelmed by the noise, the occasion and the pressure? Even if we strip all that back and plonk you on the first tee of the Monthly Medal, nerves are a very real and understandable part of it.

You might not be pulling out a driver at St. Andrews but, wherever you’re playing, a good first strike is important for your confidence. If it’s the big stick then maybe even more so. It sets you up for a good round, while a bad strike puts you immediately on the back foot and can be hard to shake.


Confidence at address

If you’re looking down at a Tour-style driver, which is usually more compact, it’s hard to feel confident. But a design like Cleveland’s Launcher XL is much, much more effective when it comes to instilling the confidence that can set you up for a good first drive and then carry it through 18 holes.

Cleveland Launcher XL driver from above

Launcher XL options

On top of that, there’s the additional benefit of having a choice between several models: the standard Launcher XL, which is the most universal, the Launcher XL Lite’s added speed or the Launcher XL Lite Draw, which says a big fat ‘NO!’ when you try to slice one into the trees!

Cleveland Launcher XL driver
Cleveland Launcher XL driver

All of these models come with tons of different spec options, so the best way you can prepare for the first drive of that Monthly Medal (and all the other drives after that) is to visit us for a fitting session.

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