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Simon Garner

18 September 2023

Now that we’re midway through September, you may well have your thoughts on the coming colder winter months. Winter golf is a different animal altogether when compared to playing in the height of summer, so it’s important you’re prepared and equipped with the appropriate clothing.

One of the reasons the interim period between the warmer and colder seasons can be so difficult to anticipate is climate. We’ve all been there where we’ve been caught in the rain without a proper waterproof on, or stepped out onto the course on a freezing day without a decently insulating mid-layer. Not being prepared for the weather really disrupts our concentration and stops us from enjoying our golf.

Rather than sticking on any old jacket, winter golf clothing is specifically designed to keep you warm and focused when out on the course. The materials used are stretchy and comfy to give you that desirable combination of freedom of movement to swing your clubs freely and a warm snug core.

We’re so excited to announce that we now have the latest winter golf clothing from PING lining the shelves of our pro shop! You can be among the first to try on one of these stunning pieces.

Please read on as we give you a rundown of some of the fantastic mid-layers that are guaranteed to keep you cozy this winter.


The Vernon Vest


The Vernon Vest is the perfect article of clothing to keep you feeling warm and content when you start to anticipate those autumnal morning chills. The variation pictured above is a smart navy colour that features a light blue running the length of the full-zip. The padding on the torso is styled into segments, with the padding on the torso being horizontal and that on the chest running diagonally towards the middle of the chest.


The Tobi Mid-layer


If you’re looking for a dependable no-nonsense mid-layer to keep your upper body warm this winter, the Tobi Pullover will be right up your street. This straightforward jacket, as pitctured above, features a padded navy on the torso with the sleeves, shoulders, and quarter-zip being a light blue. The padding on the torso has a subtle yet intricate design of segmented shapes that looks tremendous when highlighted by the natural sunlight.


The Norse S5 Jacket


The winter can be a harsh time of year on the body, so if you’re looking for some serious wind protection, you’ll get it with the Norse S5 Jacket. This PING jacket has thick padding all over the torso and sleeves to keep you feeling perfectly insulated and your body heat well-circulated. The collar can be zipped up right to the neck to keep any unwelcome gusts of wind from making you uncomfortable.


The SensorDry S2 Pro Jacket


During the winter more than any time of year, the heavens can open and you can get caught in a savage downpour. You’ll have the focus to keep your attention on your game however when you’re wearing the SensorDry S2 Pro Jacket from PING. This garment is fully waterproof and will have the rain running right off your upper body rather than sinking into the material.

PING makes the highest quality golf clothing on the market. If you’re on the lookout for a new mid-layer this autumn and you’re unsure of which jacket is the one for you, we’d be more than happy to show you our selection of winter golf clothing in the pro shop.

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