What? Why? When?

Simon Garner

01 August 2022

Have you ever looked at an electric golf trolley and wondered why it looks more like the interior of an F1 super-car than something to carry your bag for you? We’re going to be asking and answering questions about the amazing tech in these modern phenoms.

Motocaddy’s M3 & M5 both have touchscreens with features like on-course GPS readings and speed control, but a couple of the most useful features are actually hidden under the hood…


Downhill Control (DHC)

The video at the top of the article might be short, but it shows you exactly what DHC does. Having a trolley that glides smoothly downhill (and uphill!) is great when you’re playing on hilly terrain; allowing you to focus on your golf and enjoying your playing partner’s company rather than trying to stop your trolley tipping over or shoving it up a steep slope.

Electric parking brake

Another short, snappy video that tells you everything you need to know. The Electronic Parking Brake is a handy feature that allows you to stop your trolley on a slope and switch the power off with peace of mind that it’ll be safe & sound. Hitting from a slope is hard enough, so Motocaddy is helping out in any way it can.

DHC versions of both of these models are available through us, and they both come with the Electronic Parking Brake built-in. Why not take a closer look by browsing Motocaddy's range below.

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